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Meatlump Reconaissance

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  • Meatlump Reconaissance is a collection is part of the Meatlump Theme Park.

    To start this collection, talk to Snugli Explevey in the Meatlump Hideout.
    /way corellia -609 -46 -4283 Snugli Explevey;

    Snugli Explevey: Hey there!
    You: Hi, I'm new here, could you give me a little background info?
    Snugli Explevey: I'm not big on giving out too much information about our cause to new-comers. I do, however, have a task for you if you wish to prove your worthiness to the organization.
    You: What did you have in mind?
    Snugli Explevey: People all over the Galaxy have built harvesters to mine minerals, collect gasses, water, etc. This type of mass production will only lead to a societal breakdown in years to come. Now is our chance to slow the advancement of strife.
    You: Yes, I see where you're coming from. What do you want me to do?
    Snugli Explevey: Take this camera and travel across the Galaxy. During your travels, seek out and take pictures of harvesters people have built. The information you return with will help us locate future targets.
    You: Give me the camera and I'll be on my way.
    Snugli Explevey: Here you go. Also, while you're out gathering intelligence, make sure you're not being watched. We do not want to make it seem like we're doing anything suspicious.

    He gives you A Film Camera, a No-Trade item.

    To complete this collection, you must take photos of 5 different harvesters/factories on each of these planets:
    • Recon 1: Corellia
    • Recon 2: Dantooine
    • Recon 3: Dathomir
    • Recon 4: Endor
    • Recon 5: Lok
    • Recon 6: Naboo
    • Recon 7: Rori
    • Recon 8: Talus
    • Recon 9: Tatooine
    • Recon 10:Yavin 4

    To take a picture, put the Film Camera on your toolbar and hover over the structure with your mouse, then press the hotkey the Film Camera is located on. If you do not do this, you will just an Invalid Target message.

    When you are finished, you will need to return to Snugli Explevey in the Meatlump Hideout for your reward.

    Snugli Explevey: Hey there!
    You: I think I'm all done getting the photos you requested.
    Snugli Explevey: Ah! Great work! I'll get these developed and take them to the King! You've done a great service, Thank You!

    Reward: XP, Meatlumps, and progress towards the Meatlump Investigation Collection Tier 2 collection

    • The structure will not count if it is empty, out of maintenance, or been photographed by another person recently
    • If you are the owner or have access to the harvester it will not allow you to take pictures of it