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  • 2021

    Welcome Home – Restoration 3 Takes Off

    (May 28, 2021)

    Tatooine, Mos Eisley – May 28, 2021At 6pm Central Time (CT) the Restoration team is ecstatic to announce that its permanent live server for Star Wars Galaxies will go online.

    We proudly present to Star Wars fans new and old, a unique blend of content from every era of SWG; plus the reworking of key mechanics to address systemic problems that persisted in the live version of the game.

    Players will receive a special founder’s gift for creating a character during the launch weekend: a custom R3 Golden Cybernetic plaque to decorate your house and commemorate the server’s launch, and an in-game shirt that will give your characters a small XP boost.

    3 am Patch: June 13, 2021

    Creature Handler:
    Fix an issue with Pet attack, it now should function as normal
    Fix an issue preventing Creature Learn from functioning correctly

    Cybernetic Range Arms should work correctly now, only the correct range boost should work

    Some Animations missing from ranged attacks are now working again

    A Snare and Root immunity has been added You may now only snare or root a target once every 30 seconds In the future we plan to expand on this, but for now it prevents chain rooting

    Reverse Engineering:
    Some tweaks to RE. 35s won’t be so easy to create on first attempt.
    This adjustment to RE is the first of a few revisions we need to do to ensure balance.
    over the next few days, RE will continue to receive more tweaks to make it both fun and usable.

    PVE Balancing:
    Many changes to many mobs. some mobs were made Elite. Some mobs were made stronger. Some mobs now have more specials. One mob was added named Thimble, but Thimble does not spawn.

    Droids now have half the armor they had before.

    Patch Notes: June 15, 2021

    Credits now split among group.

    Accuracy increased slightly
    Thimble has had his level lowered from 505 to 450.
    GCW stims can no longer be obtained from vendor NPCs

    Cybernetic range bonus should now work correctly, and people should no longer be able to shoot targets that are “too far”

    Weapon Speed as been adjusted to provide a more authentic feel.
    During our Beta test Weapon specific speed was bugged, after fixing it we noticed attack speed was way to high, Resulting in the changes we made for this patch.

    Group Pickup has been disabled. we never intended for this to be enabled.

    Some dynamic weapon loots had their prices set far above what was intended for looted items. This has been corrected.

    Gambling table schematic skill requirement has been corrected

    Death Watch re-breather quest no longer checks for the NGE skillbox, and can now be completed

    Blackscale pilots have grown tired watching of low-level pilots kill their friends. They have been given orders to shoot on sight.

    The Resto Founder Shirt and Plaque have had their textures altered, and the shirt has had its model replaced to fix all the clipping bugs.
    New models for the 2 versions of the E-11 have been added.
    Starship crafting stations have had their missing emissions textures fixed.
    Seeker Droids now have the correct texture. they no longer look like a rubber band ball.
    Thimble has a shiny new hat.

    Patch Notes: June 24, 2021

    This patch includes a client update, so make sure you are on the current version of the launcher.

    Creature Handler:
    Pets will now stand from knockdown based on their cunning stat.
    Creature Action regen should be fixed
    Hitting for 0 damage should be fixed
    Pet XP has been boosted
    Babies now spawn again, you may tame wild pets. On successful taming, you will be granted an egg

    Bolotaur Mount quest NPC can now be spoken to in his cell.

    Enhancers should now use the highest version of the skill that you know.

    Reverse Engineering:
    Making tapes should be 80% easier

    Speed has been adjusted again.
    Accuracy and defense have been adjusted so that tapes matter.
    Mind regen has been fixed.
    Area Taunt functions now

    Armor hindrances now show on the armor

    Vendor barking, map registry, and other broken merchant abilities should now be functional

    Chat Server stability improved

    Player Cities:
    Recruit skill trainers should be functional now

    Insurance Cost are now reasonable

    Steaming Rock collection fixed. Go get that server first!

    After much deliberation, Thimble has given up the Kloo Horn and has taken up the Mandoviol

    Patch Notes: July 11, 2021

    *Blackwing canister collection locations adjusted to allow completion of the quest.
    *Nova Orion vendor should now display their store.
    *Corellian Times vendor should now display their store.
    *Factional themeparks have been re-balanced around solo play.

    *Cities can now actually hire trainers.
    *City info prompt now displays the correct string for max trainers.

    Creature Handler
    *Babies should no longer initiate aggro with players.
    *Fixed an issue with CH not being able to tame at novice.

    Exploit Fixes
    *You can no longer go to Kneeling, or Prone while knocked down.
    *The instant deathblow exploit has been fixed.

    *Two missing instruments, including the xantha have now been added to Musician.

    *Fixed weapon specific accuracy SEA modifiers.

    *Collections that previously awarded Helper Monkey holocrons now award their intended rewards.

    *DE-10 no longer has its sac capped at 100
    *D-50 deathrain pistol can no longer be crafted with a sac cost below cap.

    *Thimble is now a creature handler, and has an elite forage worm as a pet.

    Patch Notes: Witches of Dathomir (Sept 17, 2021)

    It’s Patch Day!
    This patch is a big one, and requires a client patch, so make sure to run your launchers. The game will not let you login if your client exe is not up to date, and the added content will not be accessible without the required .tre files and config files. If for some reason your launcher is not updating, you can manually download the executable, both .tre files, and the config file Here.

    Witches of Dathomir:
    For the first time ever, the Witches of Dathomir themepark has been reworked for the CU, and implemented on Restoration!

    Resto-exclusive additions to WoD:
    A brand new Spiderclan-themed melee weapon set! Outfit your melee character with the Spiderclan Katana, the Spiderclan Machete, the Spiderclan Glaive, or the Spiderclan Knuckler.

    Craftable Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor!

    Creature handlers can now obtain a necklace that allows the use of a fourth pet ability

    And more!

    *Tailor has some new clothing options, including the Style 48 Jacket seen on the QZ prequest slicer NPC and Morkov, along with all 3 styles of the outdoorsman vest

    *Architects can now re-tint furniture

    *Entertainers can now re-tint instruments

    *Scyk style 2 High Mass Variant added

    Reverse Engineering
    *RE Enhancement module is now craftable
    *Reverse Engineering tool now uses artisan stats to craft

    *Repair kits are craftable, but disabled until a later patch

    Bounty Hunter
    *Bounty hunter “extremely dangerous” missions added. These missions have targets that can drop slicing components, BH armor schematics, and large sums of credits

    Teras Kasi
    *Force of will can now pull you out of the incapacitated state, beware of your low health after use

    Creature Handler
    *Pet Loyalty has been boosted to match the experience boost (7x)
    *Pet stats have been worked back into the game:
    Aggression – Increases the speed of attacks / pet gcd by .1 seconds per point | Accuracy
    Resiliance – Reduces the length of DoTs & debuffs placed on the pet | Melee/Ranged Defense
    Cunning – Knockdown recovery | Crit Chance
    Instinct – Action Regen
    Intelligence – Increases & determines the duration of pet DoTs & debuffs on the target, 1 second per point | DoT Damage
    Survival – Increases amount of healing received from CH heals | Armor

    Smuggler PVP missions give double the components
    Feign Death has been added to the smuggler skill tree

    Piloting / Space
    *Imperial lancer from GCW2 battles should now leave the system after a victory
    *Havoc starfighter no longer crafts with incorrect mass
    *Fixed the broken duty mission strings with the space stations
    *Jedi Starfighter quest should no longer spawn NPCs inside walls… maybe..
    *New command added: /playerDock
    While in space target a player’s ship and issue the command, if they accept your invite then
    docking procedures will begin. Dockable ships are POB/Gunboats/Sorosuub.
    *The bug where space targets have incorrect distances has been fixed
    *Bug where distances show as extremely long numbers and sound cuts out should be less common.

    Bug Fixes / Misc
    *Anti AFK is now active
    *Healed wounds should last when traveling without soft logging.
    *Wounds now appear on the Target’s HAM.
    *Wounds now appear on your character sheet.
    *Missing badges for master crafting professions are now obtainable
    *Resto-exclusive HD planetary maps. These will also make Sytner’s map mod compatible if you prefer those.
    *Removal of unmovable Treasure Drum from RLS
    *Wald has given up on being a nudist.
    *Untargetable faction npcs near mos eisley starport are now targetable,
    *Quarantine zone vent moved.
    *Some of the rock collections have been fixed.
    *Afflicted rancor should count for collection now.
    *Some carbines that were mistakenly set to have 45m range have been corrected to 50m
    *Treasure map entertainer necklace no longer requires CL80
    *Treasure map sampler jewelry no longer requires CL61
    *Fix for helper monkey necklaces being swapped
    *Humanoid NPCs are now capable of wounding
    *Appearance item invisible arm armor is now actually invisible
    *Fix for theater manager quests
    *Universal survey tool no longer can harvest creature mats
    *Missing Han, Luke, and Leia wanted posters now lootable again
    *30th anniversary painting has been edited for IMMERSION

    Thimble has now respecced to master scout.

    Hotfix Sept 30, 2021

    Melee and Ranged General stat modifiers now correctly affect accuracy for their respective weapon types.

    Witches of Dathomir Themepark rancor boss has had its HAM adjusted.

    Most weapons can now be damage sliced as intended.

    Some back-end stability upgrades and exploit fixes, including a fix provided by SWG Legends

    Service Maintenance Notice - Week of October 12

    As part of our continued efforts to improve the user experience and to develop stable, scalable project infrastructure, we will be conducting maintenance on our web services this week to upgrade our web platform and site services at large. We are very excited to share with you that the new website will improve many components of the player experience, including:

    * A new, “bug-free” bug reporting system which will also include a full listing of bugs we’re already aware of and working on to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure players know what is in progress for fixing.

    * An integrated support ticketing system attached to your account instead of the limited Discord-embedded support we currently use.

    * A fully integrated and custom Wiki platform so our community can maintain guides and a collective knowledge base about the game.

    * The new “PlayerVoice” system which will allow the community to make and vote on suggestions for changes and additions to the game.

    * And more! The new website will go live on Thursday, October 14, with the weekly restart of the server. The downtime on Thursday may be extended longer than normal. As a part of the security upgrades included with our new web platform, when the new website is live, all users will be required to reset their passwords before they can login to the game. The URL for the new website will be shared once it is live. No other changes or downtime is anticipated with this maintenance, but please note that registration for new accounts will be closed from Wednesday, October 13 to Friday, October 15.

    Mid-Month Patch - October 2021 (Oct 22, 2021)

    • You can no longer loot a rare loot chest, treasure map, or collection item from combat or foraging if you are not actively at the keyboard and playing the game.
    • The Rare Loot System drop functionality has changed as follows:
      • Mobs lower than Level 40 no longer drop Rare Loot.
      • In order to have a chance roll for Rare Loot, the mob you defeat must not be lower than 5 combat levels below your current combat level (For example, if you are level 80, the lowest mob you can defeat for a rare loot roll is Level 75).
      • The base probability to loot a Rare Loot Chest is now 0.5%. The probability to loot a Rare Loot Chest will increase by 0.1% for every 100 points of Opportunity Chance you have up to a maximum chance of 1%. For example, if you have 350 Opportunity Chance, the probability of looting a Rare Loot Chest is 0.8%.
      • You cannot loot a Rare Loot Chest from the same mob twice in a row.
      • You cannot loot a Rare Loot Chest on the same planet as the last planet where you looted one.
      • The chance to loot a "Rare" level chest is 70%. If a player rolls in the other 30%, they will either receive an "Exceptional" or "Legendary" chest. The chance for a Legendary level chest is increased if you are defeating a silver (or increased even more for a gold) elite mob.
    • The corpse of an NPC/Mob will now despawn after 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds if it has no loot contents but does contain harvestable resources in order to give players more time to harvest resources from mobs.
    • The Corellidyne Personal Insurgency Wrist Implant -Black- (Right) which grants +5 to the Sampling Resource Skill Mod can now be worn by Artisans at Level 1. This change is retroactive to all existing instances of the item.
    • The skill requirement preventing the use of the "Executioner Hack" schematic for crafting has been corrected.
    • The Bracelet of Inspired Status (Right) should now work correctly.
    • Master Dancers can now equip Prop Fans.
    • Entertainers should no longer receive system messages regarding the Build-A-Buff Workshop Collection when buffing players.
    Quests and Content:
    • Nym's DNA Extractor should no longer get stuck in your inventory and will now only credit DNA collection from the intended mobs.
    • Players can now correctly complete "The Great Hunter, Phase V" after defeating Sawtooth. Any existing players stuck on the quest can converse with Qakkee again to have the quest removed from their Journal.
    • The respawn time on Ewok mobs in the Endor Lake Villages and Endor Tree Villages has been increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes in order to allow access to content in the area after defeating the mobs.
    • Players can now converse with Ikvizi, the imprisoned Geonossian in Kachirho, without visibility issues.
    • The health of the Mutant Rancor has been further reduced for groups attempting to defeat the beast.
    • Rebreathers used in Death Watch Bunker can now only be enhanced by Artisans with at least the Engineering II skill. Naming to reflect this has been updated as well.
    In Other News:
    • Rumors are spreading regarding Thimble's recent property acquisition on a remote island on Rori.

    Hotfix - October 28, 2021

    • The issue preventing all Artisan professions from having lucky chance procs has been resolved.
    • Unused skill mods have been removed from the loot tables.
    Repair Tools
    • Repair Tools are now enabled. This change is retroactive to all Repair Tools that already exist.
    • Any player can use a Repair Tool, especially in instances where an emergent repair is necessary; However, Artisans with the proper expertise for their respective tools will have a higher degree of success when making repairs both in terms of repair outcome and repair quality.
    • The amount of Opportunity Chance a player has can increase the probability of a "lucky" repair when using a Repair Tool.
    Quests and Content
    • The Rebel spawns for Phase III of the Fallen Jedi Starfighter Quest Series on Kashyyyk have been adjusted to prevent them from getting stuck in the terrain and to make the quest easier to complete.
    • Many broken strings in WoD Conversations and other UI elements have been replaced or corrected (special thanks to Vegvísir for all his hard work!).
    User Interface
    • The Help and Card Game menu items have been removed from the Game Menu in Space.
    • The "Basics" tab no longer displays on the Secondary Professions Page.
    • The individual skills and item rewards in the Space, Chronicler, and Politician wheels on the Secondary Professions Window now properly display their icons.
    • The Galactic Moon Festival and Thunderdome badges should now display correctly in the Collections Window.
    • The "Voice" tab on the Game Options Window has been removed as this feature is deprecated and no longer available.
    • The old Customer Service prompt will no longer spawn when you press the "H" key.
    Weapon Re-De-Construction
    • A new quest, Pehbon's Request, has been added to the game.
    • You can start Pehbon's Request by visiting Thimble's Hut in the Rori Isles.
    • There are two unique reward paths for completing Pehbon's Request based on your profession:
      • If you are a Master Weaponsmith, you will receive a No-Trade Weapon Re-De-Construction Tool. This tool, which allows weapons to become deconstructable once again, is consumable and allows 5 total uses.
      • If you are not a Master Weaponsmith, you can complete the quest to Re-De-Construct a single weapon of your choosing (you will not receive the tool).
    • Pehbon's Request is repeatable.

    November 2021 Game Update (Nov 7, 2021)

    Welcome to the November Game Update. This Update will begin our new bi-weekly update cycle. At the beginning of every month, we'll release a "Monthly Game Update" which targets new and revised content, as well as bigger systematic patches. On the opposite cycle of monthly game updates, we'll release a "Mid-Month Patch" which will target bug fixes and smaller tweaks or feature sets.
    Players who log in between now and November 20, 2021, at 11:59 PM GMT will receive an exclusive community gift, a decorative Bacta Tank. After the week of combat many players have endured, we hear you might need it.
    A client patch is required for this update. Be sure to run your launcher. If your launcher does not patch or hangs on "Updating 100%," make sure you've downloaded the latest version of our launcher from here and run the installer pointed at your existing client directory. You can verify patching was successful by ensuring the file "restoration_3.tre" has a "Last Modified" date of November 6.
    • The bug that occasionally resulted in a player being unable to add a manufacturing schematic to a factory has been fixed.
    • The Interplanetary Survey Droid is now usable by an Artisan who has earned the "Surveying IV: Regional Surveying" skill. This change is retroactive to all existing Interplanetary Survey Droids.
    • A crackdown by the Empire for tax evasion has resulted in the permanent closure of the Galactic Reserve. This feature will no longer be accessible from the Banking Terminal radial menu.
    • Several weeks ago, unannounced changes were made to improve the stability of the Chat Server. We are pleased to share that since those changes, the Chat Server has been running for several weeks without crashing. Accordingly, we consider the persistently reported issues with tells, chat channels and mail to be resolved.
    • NPCs now respect attack speed properties. Accordingly, abilities such as "Warcry" will now slow their attack rate and different NPCs may have different attack speeds depending on their social class, faction, level, and other attributes.
    • NPCs level 40 and higher now have armor. Abilities and debuffs that reduce armor defenses (e.g. Armor Break) will now have an effect on overall combat dynamics.
    • The damage output of NPCs has been universally adjusted to ensure combat is providing a challenging and realistic Combat Upgrade experience. Additional calibration for some NPCs and their combat levels may be required as this change is fully evaluated in all different combat scenarios and areas.
    • With combat changes, the guiding principle should be:
      • A Silver Elite within +/- 5 combat levels of your player should be solo-able by a skilled player with a strong set of stats.
      • A Gold Elite within +/- 5 combat levels of your player should require at least two players to defeat. Different mobs are more difficult than others as would make fictional sense within the Star Wars Universe.
    Creature Handler
    • Pet Stimpacks should now properly heal your beast when used. This fix is retroactive to existing Pet Stimpacks. The cooldown time for Pet Stimpacks is 20 seconds.
    • The healing reduction on pet healing has been reduced from 75% to 50%. Please note we intend to implement a skill modifier that can adjust this attribute in the future.
    • The Galactic Moon Festival has officially come to a close. Jabba thanks all citizens who participated and curses those that did not.
    • The Wookie Life Day Celebration will begin on December 2, 2021.
    Galactic Fortitude System
    • In recognition of the players that have joined us and remained active over the last several months and to encourage content playthrough, we are introducing a new rewards system, the Galactic Fortitude System.
    • Players earn Galactic Fortitude Tokens through completing in-game content (namely quests and collections, but also through crafting and buff building). The tokens are No Trade Shared so they may be shared between your alts.
    • When players log in for the first time following the update, they will be retroactively credited and receive tokens for all content already completed that qualifies for earning tokens.
    • Tokens can be exchanged by visiting a familiar NPC by the Mos Eisley Starport for exclusive rewards, including limited availability vehicles, pets, mounts, structures, clothing, and decorations. More items will be added in the future as we review overall coin penetration and purchase rates.
    • The Galactic Fortitude System is temporary and will only reward tokens for game content completion for the next few months as it is predominately an incentive program for recognizing early players who stuck with us through our growing pains and helped us along the way.
    • Additionally, we're introducing two new Community Program earning categories that will permanently reward Galactic Fortitude Tokens, allowing players who miss the content earning window to still earn tokens (albeit at a much slower pace):
      • Bug Bounties will be rewarded to the first player to report a verified issue, glitch, or other problem. Please note if you receive a Bug Bounty, it will automatically be granted to you when you log in. We will not provide status updates or information on whether or not players have earned or will earn a bounty for a particular bug report.
      • Wiki Wayfinding Credit will be rewarded to players who make extensive, high-quality contributions to our Wiki. The threshold for earning tokens at all and the amount to be awarded is discretionary depending on the quality and quantity of contributions. We will periodically review contributions to the Wiki to award tokens, but will not review contributions on request or provide estimates of the "value" of a post.
    • Learn more about the Galactic Fortitude System here.
    • A player that is connected, active (not AFK), not in combat, and inside a Municipal or Player City Hospital will now have their wounds healed at a rate of 1 wound per 60 seconds for as long as they stay inside the Hospital. A visual effect will play every 60 seconds when a wound heal is applied.
    Items and Equipment
    • Warning: Effective with the November Mid-Month Patch, when you are no longer qualified (by level, skill, certification, or condition) to have an item equipped or equipped for appearance, the item will now automatically be unequipped and returned to your inventory.
    • Bors Bos (A Painting Fence) is now outside Mos Eisley Starport where Navari Trik and Matilda Carson were previously located. The Painting Fence is selling prints of new paintings created from various events and our screenshot contest. Each month with our next Game Update, the paintings will be cycled out and those previous offerings will only ever be available from player-to-player commerce.
    • To help aid in commerce transactions and item valuation with respect to rare items from events and time-constrained rewards, a new item attribute called "Exclusive" has been added to relevant items (e.g., the Inaugural Moon Melon and the paintings from Bros Bos). There are three classifications of exclusive items:
      • "Limited Edition Special Event Item" (Orange) is an item that was only available for the duration of or for participating in a special event.
      • "Exclusive Special Event Reward" (Cyan) is an item that was only available for winning or achieving a specific recognition at a special event.
      • "Community Gift" (Lime) is an item that was given to the community for logging in or playing the game at a specific point in time.
    • Players can now enjoy the "perks" of marriage once again. When viewing a ring in your inventory, the "Propose Unity" option now properly appears when you radial the ring. Selecting this option will allow you to propose to a nearby player.
    • The Master Artisan requirement on the SoroSuub Personnel Comlink Wrist-P3 (Right) bracelet has been removed. All professions and all levels may now use this item.
    • The issue involving pets reducing the amount of healing applied by the use of the Bacta Spray ability has been resolved.
    Player City
    • We previously announced the permanent activation of the Housing Demolition Program effective with the November Game Update. In order to provide cities and players enough time to prepare for this change, we have postponed the launch of the program to our January 2022 Game Update.
    Quests and Content
    • Kashyyyk
      • The "Befriend a Wookie" encounter with Chawroo has been adjusted such that all mobs should now properly spawn. The number of spawns has also been reduced from 5 to 3.
    • Witches of Dathomir Theme Park
      • The First Sister Altar should now properly respawn Naija Kymeri every 10 minutes.
      • The Fishing Quest should now properly update when you catch a fish.
      • A typo in the "Dead is Dead" quest indicating you need to defeat "0/0" of the Third Sister has been corrected.
      • The respawn time of the Spider Clan mobs guarding the Outcast Witch has been increased in order to allow time for both the mobs to be defeated and so that you can interact with the Outcast Witch.
      • The conversation involving Sage N'um has been modified so the Repair the Altar quest series can be continued.
    • Players should no longer crash if they log out in space or log in while their character is still in space.
    User Interface
    • Character Sheet
      • The "Food" and "Drink" stomach bars now function correctly. Both bars will update in real-time as you consume food or drinks that have a "filling" value and digestion will take place in real-time such that you can watch the bar deplete over time as well.
      • A tooltip will now explain the purpose of the "Food" and "Drink" bars when you hover over them and will also show your current percentage filling.
      • When you select the "Show Character Sheet" option from the Radial Menu of another player you have targeted, you will only see GCW information about the player. Additional changes to this section will be made in the future.
      • The missing label for the Mind Bar has been added.
    • Experience Monitor
      • The Experience Monitor has received a facelift and should no longer glitch out.
      • The Experience Monitor dropdown will now list all "working skills" you are working towards (the immediate next skill in your skill tree) in alphabetical order.
      • The visual progress bar below the Experience Monitor dropdown row now uses multiple colors to visually indicate progress towards the experience required for the selected working skill.
      • Hovering over the visual progress bar will now display a tooltip containing the current and needed amounts of experience, as well as the type of experience needed, to achieve the selected working skill.
    • Skill Templates Window
      • The bug that occasionally caused the "Skill Points Remaining" value to display an inaccurate, very high number has been fixed. The Skill Points Remaining value should now only ever display the true amount of skill points you have remaining to spend.
      • The bar next to the Skill Points Remaining value now properly reflects the relative percentage of skill points you have remaining. That is, a full bar will represent 250 skill points remaining and an empty bar will represent 0 skill points remaining.
      • When selecting a skill you already have trained, next to the "Surrender Skill" button, the amount of skill points you will recover from surrendering the skill now displays next to the button as "Surrender Skill to recover X skill points."
      • The Professions List, My Skill Mods List, and My Experience List on the left-hand side of the Skill Templates Window are now all sorted alphabetically.
      • If a player has purchased at least the novice box for a profession, the color of the profession in the Professions List will now appear green.
      • The "Show Experience Monitor" check box now functions correctly and toggles the visibility of the Experience Monitor.
    • Warmup Timer
      • The Warmup Timer has been fully refactored and replaced with the original CU-style Warmup Timer. The timer is fully functional and should no longer persist on your screen after the timer has expired.
    Players are reminded that while Restoration III is undergoing consistent changes and improvements to the User Interface, you SHOULD NOT install any UI mods into your client as this may cause crashes as changes are implemented. If you have a folder named "ui" in your client, you should delete it. We will let you know when the UI is in a more stable, permanent condition so UI modifications can be installed. As always, however, using client modifications is at your own risk and we are unable to provide support for players with modified clients.

    Hotfix - November 12, 2021

    A Hot Fix was applied to the server this evening as a part of regularly scheduled maintenance. The following changes are now live with the latest restart:
    • Galactic Fortitude Tokens are now granted when crafting a new prototype item. The earning rate is 5 tokens per prototype, with a maximum of 5 tokens per hour.
    • The issues affecting augmentations and looted components (e.g. Krayt Tissues and Peko Peko Albatross Feathers) on loot and in crafting processes have been resolved. This change is NOT retroactive. If you have broken components, please place them in your top-level inventory (not in a backpack, just directly in your inventory) and submit a ticket to support with the name of the item(s) and your character name and they will be replaced.
    • The Kashyyyk Exploration Badge is now properly considered with respect to the "Total Exploration Badges" count.
    • Entertainers can no longer earn Galactic Fortitude Tokens from applying an Inspiration Buff to themselves or another character on their own account.

    December 2021 Game Update (Dec 9, 2021)

    • Crafting with Weapon Augmentations and Krayt Dragon Scales/Peko Peko Albatross Feathers should now work correctly.
    • The Master Shipwright badge is now properly granted upon attaining Master Shipwright. If you are currently a Master Shipwright, you should be granted this badge upon login if you do not already have it. This change is not retroactive to anyone who previously held the Master Shipwright skill but dropped the skill prior to this change.
    Character Slots
    • You can now unlock a third character slot by completing a new quest series which you can begin by visiting Ridith Tercarcha, a crazed scientist, at the bottom of the Nashal Cloning Center on Talus.
    • Each account can have a total of 4 characters, consisting of 2 main characters, 1 unlockable character as described above through the new collection, and the slot you can unlock from becoming a Jedi (coming soon).
    • The Mayor of a City can now pack up any structure within the boundaries of their city limits by opening the radial menu on the structure's House Sign and selecting 'Pack up Structure'. When a structure is packed up by the Mayor, it will be returned to the owner's datapad and all citizens of the city will be notified by in-game Mail. The addition of this feature is to allow City Mayors the same discretion to exercise control over who resides in their city just as Guild Leaders can exercise control over who is a member of their Guild.
    • The range of taxation that can be assessed by a city has been increased and is now as follows:
      • Income Tax: 0 to 10,000 credits
      • Property Tax: 0% to 50%
      • Sales Tax: 0% to 50%
      • Travel Ticket Fee: 0 to 10,000 credits
      • Garage Service Fee: 0% to 50%
    • A new option in the City Management Terminal, 'Set Landing Fee,' is now available. A Landing Fee is the fee charged to a player when an Instant Travel Vehicle lands in your City Shuttleport. The Landing Fee can be between 0 and 10,000 credits as set by the Mayor.
    • The formula for calculating accuracy and defense has been adjusted and is considered to be in its final state. Thank you to the community members who helped us participate in testing this and for providing historical records. Current testing has verified our formulas now consistently match 1:1 with records from the live Combat Upgrade.
    • The bug with weapon-specific defense modifiers that prevented weapon-specific defenses has been fixed.
    • A bug that prevented duelist stance from working properly has been resolved such that both the defense and shield effect are now properly applied.
    • A bug that caused Armor Break to produce incorrect values related to the reduction of armor effectiveness has been resolved.
    • Wookie Life Day is upon us!
      • Visit Wayfar, Dearic, or Doaba Guerfel to participate in Life Day. Open the radial menu on the huge Life Day Tree to get your badge and presents for both you and a friend.
      • Players can support the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire in spreading or deterring holiday joy in exchange for tokens used to purchase a number of special reward items. Visit the Transhodan Traders (Imperial) near Shuttleports in participating cities or Wookie Freedom Fighters (Rebel) near cantinas in participating cities to get your mission and view the items available for sale.
        • Increase the number of tokens you earn per activity by staying Special Forces (Declared).
      • An Inaugural Life Day Snow Globe, exclusive to this year only, which creates a special particle effect in your home, is available from either factional vendor for 500 tokens.
      • Speak to Saun Dann and complete his missions to get a STAP-1 Vehicle.
    • Life Day will conclude in early January, so be sure to participate before the festivities are over until next year!
    Game Client
    • The SwgClient now supports up to a max of 4GB of RAM (memory allocation) instead of 2GB.
    Instant Travel Vehicle
    As any Pilot will exclaim if you're in earshot and willing to listen, getting around the galaxy can be quite a challenge—never mind the expenses! As the galaxy has grown and new technology has advanced, it is more feasible than ever to find convenience in your intergalactic journey and the newly introduced Instant Travel Vehicles offer all citizens just that: a method to instantaneously summon their ship from (mostly) anywhere to head straight for their next adventure without the callus-invoking and slow-paced riff-raff imposed by other modes of transportation.
    • Players can now use Instant Travel Vehicles. At present, they can be acquired as follows:
    • Using an Instant Travel Vehicle requires 10,000 Credits and a Heavy Full Cell Mark-V (attainable from a Shipwright) per travel.
    • If you are traveling to a Player City, the cost will also include a "Landing Fee" if one has been set by the Player City of up to 10,000 Credits.
    • When you call an Instant Travel Vehicle, there will be a 30 second warmup period. Entering combat, going stealth, or moving from your call point will cancel the call of your Instant Travel Vehicle.
    • The cooldown to reuse an Instant Travel Vehicle after traveling is 60 minutes.
    • Instant Travel Vehicles cannot be called when you are in combat, mounted, indoors, in space, in instanced areas, in a municipality, in a PvP region, or on inappropriate terrain.
    Items and Equipment
    • Bors Bos (A Painting Fence) has new paintings for sale that feature submissions from our in-game screenshot contest. You can purchase these limited-time items from him outside the Mos Eisley Starport.
    • The Royal Ship Instant Travel Vehicle can now be purchased from the Galactic Fortitude Vendor for 1,000 Galactic Fortitude Tokens.
    • The Color-Customizable EF67 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Hologram can now be purchased from the Galactic Fortitude Vendor for 500 Galactic Fortitude Tokens.
    Loot and Collections
    • Reports have suggested unusual seismic activity when looting mobs. Please report any unusual firey incidents to local authorities.
    • Scattered across the galaxy, players can now find 5 broken Skiff parts used to complete a collection that will grant a deed for a Lava Skiff with a collectible design and skin that will only be available from now until the launch of Mustafar. After Mustafar is launched, only the regular version of the Lava Skiff will be attainable.
    Register with Location
    • Entertainers and Doctors that use the /registerWithLocation command inside a Hospital or Cantina (municipal or player city) will now appear in a list on our website while they are logged in and inside the registered building.
    • Players can now visit the Professional Services Finder page on our website (under the "Tools" menu) for a list of all Doctors and Entertainers that are registered in specific Cantinas or Hospitals and actively buffing across the Galaxy.

    Hotfix Dec 10, 2021

    Issue with having wounds when you weren't supposed to has been resolved
    Fixed an issue with wounds not healing inside hospitals
    Improvements made to Ridth's bunker spawning Fixed an issue with group members not getting access to the bunker

    December Mid-Month Patch &

    Server Upgrade (Dec 31, 2021)

    During this maintenance, we will be transitioning the live environment to a new server. We've slowed down our feature-based patching and bug fixes over the last several weeks as we've been focused on making optimizations to the engine and configuration of the environment in preparation for this new server. When the new server comes online, you should see a noticeable improvement to response times and general performance, as well as much more tolerance for heavy area activity without producing lag or packet loss.
    As with most sweeping environment and platform changes like this, we are likely to encounter some new bugs we couldn't anticipate or discover without live players on the server, so we appreciate your patience for any new glitches that arise and will resolve them promptly. We're excited for this major upgrade to our infrastructure and can't wait for you all to experience the improvements.
    In addition, the following hotfixes have been applied:
    • Hit and Miss chance have been modified. The weighting of accuracy and defense modifiers will be more noticeable when attempting to hit a target. You can read about our thoughts on why we made this change here.
    • Posture and movement will now affect your hit/miss chance.
    • The following bugs have been fixed:
      • Stun Defense now properly evaluates relevant skill modifiers.
      • Melee General now adds to your Critical Hit Chance.
      • Armor break slice will no longer cause the defender to take minimal damage.
      • Weapons will now inflict wounds at their intended rate.
    Creature Handler
    • Increased pet accuracy and defense bonus from Resilience and Cunning.
    Combat Medic
    • Cooldown timers should now work properly for Combat Medic.
    • The attack range has been for Combat Medic abilities is now 35m.
      • Additionally, some ability costs have been tuned for balanced play.
    • The gating restricting a player from starting the Nym's, Rebel, or Imperial Theme Parks before they reach a certain combat level has been removed. Any player can now start a Theme Park regardless of their combat level.
    • Players should no longer get stuck in the middle of empty space if they log out or crash while inside the Corellian Corvette instance.
    • The profession-specific terminals in the Third Character Slot questline now properly generate loot.
    • Looted weapons can now be sliced by a smuggler
      • Additionally, these weapons now have a chance to drop with a slot.
    • During the launch of the server, the extraction rate multiplier for harvesters was incorrectly set to 500% instead of 50%. We left this in place to help bolster the initial crafting market but this has now been corrected. We recognize this is a substantial decrease from current extraction rates, but did not intend for the extraction rates to ever be so astronomically high. The new value reflects a 50% increase in the extraction rate from the live game. Additional changes to the extraction rate may be evaluated by the Galactic Senate in the future and we expect to continue our intermittent server events that offer higher values than normal over a specific period of time (e.g. Double XP Weekends will be Double "Everything" Weekends and include harvester extraction rates).
    Skill Mods
    • Reduced the diminishing returns on General States (Melee General, Ranged General, etc). Having a high amount of points in any General State should now feel much more impactful.
    • The Special Edition Lava Skiff should now work correctly and the speed has been adjusted.

    Hotfix Dec 31, 2021

    Fixed The skill mod bonus bug capping skill mods at 25 (since the transfer to the new server) has been corrected. This change may not be retroactive so please contact Support if an item needs to be refunded or fixed.
    Fixed Skill trainers should now know the correct number of skill points you have when evaluating whether or not to train you.
    Fixed Bracelets looted from treasure maps no longer have combat level restrictions.
    Fixed The Wookies are back to continue their celebration of Life Day.
    Fixed An issue where trying to an item returned that the item was beyond repair when it should not have been has been corrected. An item is only considered beyond repair when its condition reaches less than 1% of its current maximum possible condition. The maximum condition will continue to decay as the item is repaired.


    Hotfix Jan 1, 2022

    Fixed Players that use declare residence should now properly be granted all politician-related skills.
    Fixed The Royal Ship ITV can now be purchased from Seefi, the Galactic Fortitude Vendor
    Fixed The V-Wing Starship Chassis attribute details now properly reflects its requirement of Tier 4-level space technology skills to use the ship.
    Fixed The profession-specific containers inside the third character slot bunkers now properly generate DNA canister loot.

    Server Patch - January 10, 2022

    Character Creation and Login
    • You can now only log in a maximum of 2 characters at a time.
    • A bug that caused a message to incorrectly display 15 minutes as the time between creating new characters has been corrected. You can only create a new character once every 24 hours.
    • A bug that caused skill points to calculate improperly in the client for players with Image Designer skills has been corrected.
    • The maximum possible value of the following settings have been significantly increased. You can now increase the values of these settings from the in-game options menu under the "Terrain" and "Graphics" tabs. Note that the options were intentionally over tuned, so maxing all settings will likely cause a drop in FPS. You can tweak the settings yourself to find a balance and prioritize which graphics settings are more important to you.
      • Static Object Level of Detail
      • Character Level of Detail
      • Particle System Level of Detail
      • Global Terrain Detail
      • Terrain High Detail Range
      • Non-Collidable Flora Draw Distance
      • Near Radial Flora Draw Distance
    • Discord will now show you are "Playing SWG Restoration III" when you have the client open if your Discord activity status display setting is enabled.
    Creature Handler
    • A beast that has died will no longer be automatically healed by storing it and calling it again. Storing and calling a dead beast will just respawn your dead beast. To revive it, you must use the Revive Beast ability.
    • The Wookie Life Day Celebration has concluded. Thank you to all participants!
    Junk Dealer
    • Items are no longer value-capped when the value of a stack of items sold to a Junk Dealer exceeds 1,000 credits. This appeared to most players as though the value of a stack of junk loot was dropping the last digit of its value (e.g., appearing as 500 credits instead of 5,000). This has been corrected and the correct value now displays and is provided to the player from the transaction.
    • City Recycling Terminals (Junk Dealers) should now work correctly.

    Hotfix - January 24, 2022

    • The "invisible walls" bug that required you to drop your frame rate to pass-through has been corrected in the following structures. Please report any additional locations that need correction.
      • Large Generic Houses (both the windowed and non-windowed versions)
      • Geonossian Caves Dungeon
      • Certain Tatooine structures in municipalities (e.g., the room where the Razer Coil lamp is in Anchorhead)
    • Nym's Themepark
      • A bug that caused Nym's DNA Extractor to occasionally fail to fire has been fixed.
    Galactic Senate
    • Now through Sunday, January 30 at 11:59 PM GMT, players can vote for candidates running for the Galactic Senate by visiting the voting terminal in Theed outside the starport. Learn more about the election process here.
    • Players that participate in voting earn a badge for voting in this election cycle and also unlock the "Dutiful Citizen" title.

    February Game Update (Feb 7, 2022)

    Bors Bos
    • New painting rewards are now available for sale by Painting Expert, Bors Bos, in Mos Eisley.
    • Some changes to detail bias and loading range have been made to increase the visual appearance of items and when they load. You may need to tweak your existing graphics and terrain settings if you notice a reduction in FPS or other areas of client performance.
    • The client will now automatically request you run it as an administrator upon startup.
    • Players are now warned when deleting a character about the 24 hour creation time limit and that deleting a character will not release its name for re-use.
    • Players will now receive an error message when attempting to log in more than 2 characters at once.
    • The Ewok Festival of Love has returned to the galaxy! Visit Tyrena, Kaadara, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village to join the celebration. Be sure to check out all of the fan-favorite festivities: dancing Ewoks, chocolate fountains, and much more!
    • There are four all-new Festival of Love activities this year, including a chance to play cupid! Use any earned Chak Hearts to purchase several rewards that are exclusive to the Ewok Festival of Love.
    • Allayloo ta nuv!
    Galactic Fortitude
    • Players who log in between now and February 17, 2022, at 23:59 GMT will receive 100 Galactic Fortitude Tokens in celebration of the Inaugural Senate.
    • The amount of tokens granted for completing game content has been reduced by 50%. Updated reward values are reflected on the wiki page. As a reminder, while there will always be ways to earn tokens through community programs as described in the wiki article, and the vendor will always be available for purchases, content-based payout rewards will be phased out in the future.
    • A Housecleaning Kit has been added to the Galactic Fortitude Vendor for 1,000 tokens. This item can be redeemed in any player structure to increase its storage capacity by 50 items. Players may purchase more than one kit, but the effect of this item cannot be stacked more than once in the same strucutre.
    User Interface
    • In preparation for changes supporting UI scaling, some adjustments to font rendering have been implemented. You may notice some fonts appear more clearly or are larger than they previously were.
    • The size of the buttons on the main menu button bar have been slightly increased.

    Hotfix Feb 12, 2022

    Added You can now sign out of the launcher by clicking Launcher and Game Settings > Logout
    Added A "Remember Me" checkbox has been added to the login page to choose whether the launcher will remember your credentials. This does not apply to two-factor authentication as you will separately need to check "Remember this computer for 30 days" when using a 2FA code.
    Added The launcher will now display the version number under Launcher and Game Settings.

    March Game Update(Apr 1, 2022)

    Badges and Collections
    • Inspiration Buffs
      • Inspiration buffs now persist even if you log out or crash and now behave like other buffs. Inspiration buffs are not dispelled upon death but will decay by 5 minutes.
      • All inspiration buffs are now fully functioning as intended and the value of their attributes display correctly to the client.
      • The "Surveying" buff has been removed due to feasibility constraints at this time.
      • A "PvP Decay Resistance" buff has been added.
      • Some buffs have been rearranged so they follow a more logical order, so please be sure to be patient with entertainers as they adjust. Likewise, the descriptions of all buffs have been modified so their syntax is consistent and the effectors more accurately depict what is changed by the buff package.
    • Doctor Buffs
      • A new module for droids, the Thyferran Buff Enhancement Module, has been added.
      • When attached to a player-owned droid, the Thyferran Buff Enhancement Module will add a radial option to the spawned droid that nearby players can use to purchase a temporary buff enhancement that lasts for five minutes. When active, the buff enhancement will increase the duration of all doctor buffs received for the duration purchased.
      • By purchasing the highest tier of available enhancement, players can double the duration of their doctor buffs.
      • When a player purchases the buff enhancement, they will consume between 3% to 5% of the droid's battery (dependent on the tier of enhancement purchased). Once the droid's battery has been fully depleted, the buff enhancement purchase option will no longer be available; however, any player can now provide a battery to a droid to give it more power.
    • Fishing
      • Fishing now properly provides fish meat.
    • Kashyyyk
      • The spawns in "Doing your duty, Phase II" of the Fallen Jedi Starfighter quest series have been fixed.
      • The wave counting and spawns in the "Rescue the Slavers" quest have been fixed.
      • Players can now properly complete the "Eliminate Hss'kas" quest and should directly visit his crashed escape pod to advance the quest forward.
      • The wave spawning in the "Arena Challenge: Face Wirartu" quest has been fixed.
    • Meatlump Theme Park
      • Deciphering the Secret Coded Meatlump Target Maps has been fixed and is now working as intended.
    • Quarantine Zone
      • The running speed of survivors for rescue has been adjusted such that most players should now be able to keep pace with them. Any hindrance on terrain negotiation may still impact your ability to keep pace.
    Items and Misc.
    • All schematics from the Ewok Festival of Love are now craftable. This change is retroactive.
    • The full palette of color options for Elegant Furniture is now available and Yarr is now finally able to decorate in peace.
    • Mounts no longer automatically despawn when you dismount from them.
    • Consistent with the change for doctor buffs, more broadly, droids can now be charged by other players if their battery is dead.
    • You can no longer withdraw credits from the maintenance pool of a Guild Hall. All credit transactions are now are one-way and final consistent with other player structures.
    • Clothing from the Witches of Dathomir (Nightsister or Singing Mountain Clan) no longer has gender restrictions to wear.
    • Species-related restrictions have been removed from all weapons.
    • Players who are not the owner of a structure can no longer toggle on and off the effects of the Inaugural Moon Mellon and Inaugural Snow Globe. Some effects that were orphaned from relocating the objects will be resolved with the restart.
    • Custom House Signs (including the Crescent Moon Signs from the Galactic Moon Festival which were previously disabled) are now fully implemented.
    • The cooldown on Instant Travel Vehicle usage has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
    • The Third Character Slot quest bunkers are now in a static location instead of dynamically spawned.
    • Artisan
      • Beast Dietary Supplements now require food assembly and experimentation.
      • Beast Food can now be made in a factory crate (25 per stack).
      • Tissues now require medical assembly and experimentation.
      • The Medical Experimentation ratio in Reverse Engineering has been corrected to match all other experimentation ratios.
      • Armor Dye Kits can now be made as a draft schematic stacking up to 25 per crate.
    • Creature Handler
      • The "Charge" ability 1-5 should now work correctly.
    • Commando
      • Grenades have been fully implemented and are now craftable and usable.
      • The warmup time for Overkill Shot has been reduced from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
    • Entertainer
      • Image Designer skill points have been corrected so the Image Designer profession can be completed by an Entertainer who has also mastered the Dancer, Musician, and Entertainer professions
    • Scout
      • You can no longer harvest resources from the corpse of a creature if you do not have the Novice Scout skill.
    • Smuggler
      • A Master Smuggler can now properly search the corpse of a humanoid from the "Find Illicit Goods" radial menu option.
      • Slicing a Bounty Hunter Mission Terminal will now properly modify the payouts from missions with a bonus for the immediate next time you open the mission terminal following a successful slice.
    • Teras Kasi Artist
      • Teras Kasi mediation now functions correctly. While meditating, you will enter a trance that will heal wounds, and heal any damage over time (DoT) effects active on your character, depending on your skill level.
    • The use of the command /escapePod will now destroy your ship and will respawn you at the space station for the current space zone you are in. You will need to use the /comm command to request and pay for repairs from the station in order to move. If you land, while you will be advised against it, you will need a repair kit from a Shipwright before you will be able to fly again.
    • Note: Passengers in a multi-person ship can still use the /escapePod command to leave a ship they are in without damaging it. The damage will only apply if the owner of the ship uses the command.
    • All group members who are with you in space will now get the waypoint from your mission/quest automatically.
    • A new command, /beacon has been added. When used, this command will send your current waypoint position to all members of your group, which they can accept or decline to add to their datapad.
    • Non-crafted space parts now display a percentage value associated with each stat in the attributes window for the object (i.e., the quality of the stat relative to the quality of the stat on other parts of the same time). This stat is intended to provide accurate data in lieu of the player-coordinated "st.txt" style resource shared among players. Please note that it is possible for a stat to exceed 100% quality, especially after it has been reverse engineered.
    User Interface
    • Junk Wearables
      • The description in the attributes pane for armor and/or clothing that is categorized as "Junk" no longer indicates that "you can wear this item" and instead appears with a specific notation about its usability.
      • Junk wearables now appear in your inventory and loot boxes with an orange frame and border to visually indicate they are junk wearables.
      • You can no longer attempt to equip or equip to your appearance any objects categorized as junk wearables.
    • Options
      • A new option, "Show NPC Chat," has been added under the "Chat" tab of the Options Window. Unchecking this box will filter out all spatial chat messages from non-player characters. You may not want to use this setting if you are doing a mission from an NPC or there are hostile NPCs nearby.

    Hotfix - April 8, 2022

    Badges and Collections
    • The first fan needed to complete the "Prop-er Techniques" collection has been relocated from where it was inaccessible in Aurillia to a new place in the galaxy for adventurous performers to find.
    • Ridith/Third Character Slot Quests
      • Several bugs that prevented player and group access to the bunker under certain conditions have been fixed.
    • Space waypoints now properly update for group members.
    • Space part value percentages have been adjusted from player feedback to be more accurate.
    • Space part values now display as green if they are above 90% and red if they are below 50%.
    • A bug where factional pilot trainers required factional points in some cases has been resolved.
    • A bug preventing /transferStructure from working properly has been fixed.

    Hotfix - May 24, 2022

    Our patch today is the culmination of 6 months of work by the development team with the support of testing by our Galactic Senate and represents the single largest refactor of the SWG Client since its creation. Over 140,000 lines of code were changed to modernize many parts of the client and set the stage for easy implementation of future advancements, including 64-bit support, DirectX upgrades, a 4K user interface, and more.
    While a majority of the changes to the client are "under the hood" and not immediately apparent, the following changesets have also been applied which are player-facing:
    Client Game and Graphics
    • The startup load time of the client has been reduced by approximately 40%.
    • Objects are now observed from a substantially farther distance away and are maintained in memory for a longer period of time. The effect of this change means you can see things much farther in the distance, objects should not load directly in front of you, and should not vanish to reload even if only moving minimally far away from them.
    • The draw distance of the terrain has been optimized in conjunction with the observation range. Procedural terrain generation is now more performative and consumes less memory.
    • The Unicode encoding library has been refactored to provide higher performance and reduce latency in rendering.
    • Issues causing volatility in the client's frame rate (FPS) have been resolved such that the range of your frame rate while navigating the world and in combat should be more stable and the fluctuation range has been reduced.
    • Default Actions
      • When you hover over a target that is attackable, your cursor will change to appear with a red X.
      • Your default actionis the action you will perform by default when attacking something. To attack with your default action, you can:
        • Double click on the target
        • Open the radial menu on the target (~) or right click and select "Attack"
        • Use the /defaultAction command
      • If you do not set a default action, your default action will be either: Melee Hit /meleeHit if you are unarmed or have a melee weapon, or Ranged Shot /rangedShot if you have a ranged weapon equipped.
      • You can set a different action from your toolbar to be your default action by holding down the control key and left-clicking the icon on the toolbar (Ctrl + Left Click). When you set a command in your toolbar to be your default action, an orange circle with a checkmark will appear over the command icon.
    User Interface
    • Chat Window
      • You can now collapse the chat window (which hides the upper portion of the chatbox) on the ground. The default keybinding to toggle the collapsed chat window is Ctrl + Enter.
    • Experience Monitor
      • The skills selected on the experience monitor will no longer reset when traveling or logging off.
      • Skills that do not require any experience to earn (e.g., Novice Scout) will no longer display as skill options in the Experience Monitor.
      • If you learn the skill you currently have selected, the dropdown selection with that skill will now clear automatically.
      • The skills on the experience monitor dropdown are now sorted alphabetically.
      • The experience progress bar on the experience monitor now only has two colors: yellow for progress when you have not reached the required experience needed to learn the skill and a green full bar when you have the experience required for learning the new skill.
      • Hovering over a selected skill will show in a tooltip the type of experience needed for the skill, the amount you currently have, and the amount you need to learn the skill.
      • Note: When you first log in with the new Experience Monitor, you may need to travel and log in/log out a few times before the new features are fully functional as the existing UI cache will need to clear out.
    • Skills Window
      • The original skills window from the Combat Upgrade is now restored and fully operational.
      • All professions are now browsable separately from those you have learned skills in.
      • The "To: <profession>" linked text has been implemented and functions properly for understanding how basic professions move towards advanced professions and vis versa.
      • Hovering over skill boxes will display the experience you have and the experience you need to learn the skill, as well as the experience type required.
      • Players can use the "Show Help" check box for information about how to navigate and use the Skill Templates page.
    • Targeting
      • Two reticles now appear around targets. The green reticle reflects your intended target, that is, the target you are hovering your mouse over. The blue reticle reflects your look at and combat target.
      • Some quests and dialogue that indicate targeting as a requirement may need future adjustments to indicate whether the requirement reflects the intended or look at target (e.g., Nym's DNA Extractor and the Trick or Treat Prompt during the Galactic Moon Festival). Please continue to report any bugs where targeting seems to inappropriately require hovering your mouse over the object to interact with it.
    • Toolbars
      • A red circle with an (X) will now appear over any slot on your toolbar if your current combat target is out of range for the command or item in that toolbar slot to be used successfully.
      • An oracle circle with (✓) will appear over the slot that is selected as your current default action.

    Hotfix - June 13, 2022


    Corpse Expiration
    • A corpse will now disappear after 4 minutes instead of 2 minutes so players have more opportunity to loot when in mob-heavy areas.
    • Macros and Unattended Gameplay
      This update introduces an adjusted approach to addressing unattended gameplay. As we previously announced in a Developer Diary (which has been updated based on these changes and our decision not to move forward with some components of our initial plan), we do not believe that players should derive benefits from the game systems (e.g.., experience points, credits, loot, etc.) while not actively at the computer playing the game. Accordingly, we have modified the functionality of macros and loot as follows:
      • All macros will be dumped at a random interval between 40 and 60 minutes after you begin using a macro. There are no more "no macro" zones or exclusions. This applies universally across the galaxy at all places, for all players, doing anything while logged in.
      • Your macros will not be dumped if all of the macros running consist of ONLY the permitted commands, which are enabled to allow entertainers and doctors to remain connected. As a reminder, player-to-player exchanges do not create system-generated benefits and thus are not subject to the unattended gameplay rules.
      • If you start a macro at any time that contains commands that are not on the permitted commands list, the 40-60 minute timer will start and will trigger a dump of your macros, regardless of if you dump them before then.
      • You will receive a system message warning you approximately 60 seconds before your macros are dumped and again when they are dumped.
      • After your macros are dumped, you will be disconnected within 15 minutes if you are not actively playing the game.
      • Players not considered active at the keyboard (meaning they are actively providing input from the mouse and keyboard for more than 15 minutes, regardless of whether they are running a macro) can no longer loot or harvest from corpses or gain loot or credits from space.
      • NOTE: We will continue to evaluate these mechanics as they roll out and adjust as needed, including adding or removing permitted commands based on other use cases presented by players, if applicable.
      • As a reminder, attempting to circumvent gameplay mechanics, including those noted herein designed to prevent unattended gameplay, is considered exploiting and will result in the termination of your account.
    • Professions
      • Squad Leader
        • The /setBoostMorale and /sysGroup commands now work properly.
        • Blaze of Glory now works properly.
        • You can now apply and change group buffs regardless of whether all group members are in range but only those within range will be affected. To apply group buffs, you must be the group leader of a group with at least 2 players.
        • Second Chance now works properly. In order for damage to be mitigated across another group member, the group member must be visible to the attacking mob and less than 64 meters away.
        • Second Chance will display a message in the combat log as “<mob> hit you for <points> pts of pre-mitigated damage via Second Chance” when you receive divided damage.
        • Stats affected by Squad Leader Group Buffs will now update on the Character Sheet:
          • Steady Aim will affect the value under Character Sheet > Offense: Accuracy
          • Tactics will affect the values of Ranged and Melee under Character Sheet > Defense
          • Blaze of Glory will affect Character Sheet > Skill Mods > Combat Offense: Critical Chance
          • Call to Arms will affect Character Sheet > Armors (Kinetic, Energy, Heat, Cold, Acid, Electric)
    • User Interface
      • Hovering over a weapon displayed as a quest reward in the Quest Acceptance and Quest Journal windows will now display its type (e.g., Carbine, Rifle) in the tooltip.
      • When examining a bracelet, a “Wrist” attribute will now display in the attributes pane indicating whether the bracelet is for the left or right wrist.
      • Fixed a bug where the equipped weapon type displayed an unreadable string in the Character Sheet.

    Hotfix - June 14, 2022

    This Hot Fix addresses additional fixes from the June 13 Hotfix. This update requires a client patch so be sure to run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:
    • Macros and Unattended Gameplay
      • Fixed an issue where the macro dump timer would continue between character transitions. The macro dump timer will no longer follow you to a new character when you log out of one where the timer is running.
      • Fixed a bug that detected invalid macros when the macro commands were not terminated by a semicolon.
      • You can now press Ctrl + Shift + G to see your activity state and the timer of when your macros will be dumped. If a timer is not active, "Secounds until Macro Dump" will say "None."

      • If a macro is in your toolbar, you can now hover over the macro to see whether or not the system evaluates this macro as one that will trigger the macro dump timer. Below the macro name, it will display "Will Trigger Macro Timer:" with a yes or no answer.

      • Added additional commands to the permitted commands list based upon request:
        • /whisper
        • /targetAtCursor*
        • /targetAtCursorStop*
        • /targetGroup0*
        • /untarget*
        • /moveFurniture
        • /rotateFurniture
    *Note: These commands have been permanently aliased to allow exceptions in the macro detection system. To use these commands, you must type them as written. Do not use /ui action <command>.

    June Game Update(Jul 1, 2022)

    • Chat
      • A bug that sometimes caused the online status of friends in your friend's list to display incorrectly has been resolved.
    • Cities
      • Profession Trainers are now properly destroyed when a City Hall is destroyed.
    • Combat
    • Buffs
      • Effects from buffs now persist after death such that removing and re-adding buffs when cloning is no longer required.
      • The potency of a buff effect is no longer impacted by logging in after being unloaded from the database.
    • Knockdown
      • All novice professions now have the Knockdown Recovery ability.
      • NPCs with an Elite/Silver difficulty now have an innate 20% chance to resist a knockdown.
      • NPCs with a Boss/Gold difficulty now have an innate 40% chance to resist a knockdown.
    • Events
    • Empire and Remembrance Day
      • The Empire Day and Remembrance Day celebrations have arrived with tension high between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as the Empire seeks to celebrate the Emperor's rise to power and the termination of the Jedi Council while the Rebel Alliance works to inspire hope for the future and defeat imperialist propaganda.
      • Both factions are recruiting members to help post propaganda and tear down whatever propaganda the other side managed to post. Entertainers are recruited to boost the troops' morale, while Artisans are hired to help keep supplies flowing to the front lines.
      • Imperials seek out, in Theed, Major Brenn Tantor for Propaganda Quests and Droid Kaythree for Artisan and Entertainer Quests.
      • Rebels seek out, in Coronet, Captain Derlin for Propaganda Quests and Major Carlist Rieekan for Artisan and Entertainer Quests.
      • Be sure to grab the exclusive Inaugural Battle Mobile, which will only be available this year!
    • City Invasions
      • New, massive invasion/siege warfare scenarios in three major cities - Bestine, Dearic, and Keren featuring. Check the planetary map for invasion times. One of the invasion cities will always have an invasion running every four hours.
      • Dynamic changes occur in cities based on which faction is currently in control. Cities will display Imperial or Rebel banners and faction-specific NPCs, quests, terminals, and pylons depending on which faction is on top.
      • Defend your city by manning barricades and building defensive turrets.
      • Assault enemy cities and take out defense structures and key enemy personnel with the might of AT-AT or Hailfire missile attacks.
      • Contribute to the battle with profession-specific quests that let you bolster defending or invading forces.
      • Improve and repair defensive structures, revive fallen soldiers, heal fatigue, entertain demoralized troops, slice terminals, scout and sabotage patrol points, and more.
      • Reap the benefits of war when you successfully lay waste to your opponents with invasion-specific quests.
      • Earn tokens for defending your city with battle-specific quests such as manning barricades, building turrets, and treating wounded soldiers.
      • Cash in tokens for new rewards, which include: faction-specific clothing including capes, cloaks, and battle-scarred armor; Entertainer glow sticks, and multiple new weapons.
      • See: City Invasions for full dynamics and other information.
    • Professions
    • Artisan
      • Looted objects with a stack count (e.g., Krayt Scales) are no longer destroyed as a whole by factories if not separated into singles prior to manufacturing.
      • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Survey and Sample commands to not show up in the command browser.
    • Entertainer
      • The “Second Chance” Inspiration Buff proc now properly triggers with the appropriate probability.
    • Squad Leader
      • Squad Leaders can now only use group buff commands if another player that does not belong to their account is in their group and within 64 meters of them.

    Hotfix - July 2, 2022

    City Invasions:
    * The Invasion Defensive General's Health is now set properly. Empire / Remembrance Day:
    * The Spire Structure Deeds now work correctly. This change is NOT retroactive. If you have already purchased the deed, please place the deed in your inventory and submit a ticket to with your character name to have the deed replaced.
    * Schematics granted as part of the Artisan questlines now require only Novice Artisan to learn them.
    * The Artisan/Entertainer questlines now clarify that you must be at least a Novice of one of the advanced professions (for Artisan, that is, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Architect, Droid Engineer, Shipwright, Tailor, or Chef; for Entertainer, Dancer or Musician) to complete the quests.
    * Major Rieekan and the Imperial Supply Officer now properly accept items dragged onto them for completion of the crafting quests.
    * Darth Vader and Princess Leia now respond to /bow in addition to Radial Menu > Bow if you are selected for recognition. Squad Leader: * You can no longer stack Squad Leader Group Buffs on beasts/pets. When a new Squad Leader Group Buff is called, the old one will be removed.
    * Squad Leader Group Buffs are now automatically removed when the group is disbanded.

    Hotfix - July 5, 2022

    * GCW Invasion Generals now have a 120m radius surrounding them that will lock your service status to PvP Declared/Special Forces. This means if you are in, or come within, 120m of the Invasion General, you will be flagged for PvP and unable to remove the flag until you move more than 120m away from the Invasion General. We made this change based on feedback and observations that players were not able to adequately attack or defend when other players not flagged for PvP could simply bypass them to complete objectives, which isn't aligned with the design mechanics of the system or consistent with other similar open world player-objective systems (e.g., Restuss, Static Bases, etc.). We recognize this change may be discouraging to those who do not enjoy PvP content, however, we have ensured that the radius still allows for other parts of the city to be engaged with in PvE only fashion such that you can still complete objectives (e.g. defend barricades, inspire troops, etc.) without becoming flagged for PvP.
    * GCW Invasion Camps now have Insurance Terminals
    * Fixed an issue causing some Corellia Cloning Facilities to not have Insurance Terminals
    * GCW Factional Bases no longer consume lots when placed. This change is NOT retroactive. Please submit a ticket to support to have lots refunded if necessary.

    July Game Update (Aug 8, 2022)

    Special Note: The Galactic Senate Race has begun! Be sure to visit the voting booth just outside of Theed Starport to cast your ballot!
    • Items and Miscellaneous
      • The Galactic Fortitude System payouts for content completion have been removed.
      • Fixed a bug that would prevent transferring structures due to elevator terminals being no trade.
      • Bracelets will now display “Wrist: Left” or “Wrist: Right” in the attributes section of the Bazaar/Vendor UI.
      • When a harvester, factory, installation, or structure is redeeded, it now becomes No Trade Shared.
      • The PvP Radius on GCW Invasion Defensive Generals now only flags players who are combatant/covert to special forces/overt instead of all players such that players who are on leave and not participating in the invasion will no longer be flagged.
    • GCW Static Bases
    • Static bases have returned. Fight in PvP to hold important bases with unique rewards:
      • Weapons Development Facility (Naboo at /way 936 -1582)
        • Military Weapon Speed Enhancements
        • Military Weapon Accuracy Enhancements
        • Military Weapon Damage Booster Packs
        • Military Weapon Critical Hit Booster Packs
        • GCW Rally Banner
      • Tactical Training Facility (Corellia at /way 4772 -5233)
        • Military Stimpacks
        • Military Adrenaline Injections
        • Military Pain Numbing Powders
        • Military Might Enhancements
        • Military Positional Recovery Injection
      • Industrial Research Center (Talus at /way -4899 -3137)
        • Industrious Opportunity Inspiration Injection
        • Crafting Innovation Injectable
        • Experimental Experimentation Enhancement
        • Creature Incubation Inoculation
        • Expeditious Social Acclimation Enhancement
    • Capture bases by interacting with each of four terminals on the base without interruption for 30 seconds.
    • The longer you hold the base, up to 4 days, the more powerful the supplies that arrive (each buff available from the logistics officers inside increases in potency and power).
    • Check with the logistics officer to see what is available for purchase, the status of the base (up to phase 5), and the duration before the next phase.
    • Static base attacks are announced in the new #gcw-activity channel on Discord.
    • Professions
    • Commando
      • The cooldown for the Riddle Armor ability has been reduced to 8 seconds.
      • A bug that allowed DOT abilities to be used without having a heavy weapon equipped has been fixed.
    • Entertainer
      • Novice Musicians can now use the /sing chat type.
      • The rebel circles captcha check during Inspiration Buffs has been removed.
    • Shipwright
      • Master Shipwrights can now craft Engine Overhauls.
    • Space
    • Space Bounty System
      • Bounties can now be placed for all types of space PvP kills like in the ground game (except for duel and BH related kills). There is no level restriction for placing a bounty from space PvP kills. For POB ships, it is the owner of the victim ship who gets to place the bounty on the owner of the attacker ship.
      • The requirement that a mark must be within a certain combat level of the BH who is browsing the mission terminal in order for the mark to appear in the mission list does not apply if the mark has a space bounty. If the mark has any space bounty, they will always appear on the mission list, regardless of the level difference between the mark and the BH who is browsing the mission terminal.
      • If the bounty consists of only space bounties, the mark can only be hunted in space. If the bounty consists of only ground bounties, or both ground and space bounties, the mark can be hunted on both ground and in space.
      • The mission list will indicate if the bounty only consists of Space Bounties.
      • There is no BH First Strike in space. The mark’s ship and the BH’s ship will have a mutual TEF and appear red (attackable) to each other at all times.
      • For POB ships, the BH must be in their own ship, and the mark must be in their own ship. The BH cannot attack if they are aboard someone else's ship. The mark cannot be attacked if they are aboard someone else's ship. Gunners aboard the BH's ship or the mark's ship can participate in the fight.
      • An actual kill is required to collect the bounty. The ship that delivers the kill shot will receive the bounty reward.
      • The Arakyd Probe Droid can now be launched in space, but only for player bounty missions.
      • The BH must be aboard their own ship to launch the Arakyd Probe Droid or the Seeker Droid.
      • If the mark is in space, the waypoint reported by the Arakyd Probe Droid and the Seeker Droid will just contain the zone information, NOT the exact space coordinates of the mark. The coordinates will just point to (0, 0, 0).
    • Loot
    • General
      • The drop rate of the colorable Katarn Armor schematics from the Mutant Rancor has been increased.
    • Rare Loot System
      • The following items have been added to the Legendary Rare Loot Chests:
        • AT-PT Walker Vehicle Deed
        • Gunship Blueprint
        • Mechno Chair
        • Corellian G9 Rigger Freighter ITV
        • Forage Worm DNA
        • Emperor's Senate Office Lamp
        • Emperor's Senate Office Chair
        • Emperor's Senate Office Desk
        • INS-444 Holo-pet Droid
        • CLE-004 Holo-pet Droid
      • The following items have been added to the Exceptional Rare Loot Chests:
        • Xeno Couch
        • Xeno Table
        • Xeno Recliner
        • Xeno Rug
        • Xeno Desk
        • Xeno Desk Lamp
        • Kowakian monkey-lizard DNA
    • Hotfix - Static Base Updates - Aug 13, 2022

    GCW Static Bases
    • When the server starts from a fresh restart, all terminals are unclaimed.
    • When you attempt to capture an unclaimed terminal, it will become contested, and the factional logo will appear red. When a terminal is contested, you have 25 minutes for as many players as possible representing your faction to interact with the terminal. At the end of the 25-minute period, the faction with the most points wins control of the terminal. If there is a tie or no points, the faction with existing control wins the terminal (except if the previous phase was unclaimed, in which case the faction of the player who initiated the contested period will win the terminal). The terminal becomes controlled when the contested period ends, and the factional logo appears blue.
    • If you attempt to capture a controlled terminal, the terminal will become vulnerable for 5 minutes, and the factional logo will appear orange. During these 5 minutes, you must have five players from your faction (who must be from separate accounts) interact with the terminal. A smuggler can attempt to slice the terminal to reduce the requirement to 4 players. When the 5-minute vulnerability period has ended, if the required number of players have interacted with the terminal, the terminal will become contested and eligible for capture for 25 minutes following the procedure described above. If the 5-minute period ends without the required number of players interacting with the terminal, the terminal will return to controlled status.
    • When you interact with a contested terminal, a terminal fatigue debuff will apply for 5 minutes, and you will be unable to interact with any terminals for the duration of the debuff.
    • When a terminal leaves a contested status, it will enter a cool-down period for 1 hour, during which the terminal may not be attacked (i.e., it will be unable to go from controlled to vulnerable).
    • All players that interact with a contested terminal and who win at the end of the contested period (i.e., they either maintain control for their faction in defense or claim control for their faction in attack) will earn 10 GCW Tokens and 1,000 GCW Points (per terminal).
    • Discord Announcements will be made when a terminal becomes contested, when the contested period ends, and when a factional base has changed control (where all terminals have controlled status for a single faction).


    Hotfix - Aug 16, 2022

    * Added Insurance Terminals to GCW Static Base Cloning Facilities
    * Replaced AT-AT and Hailfire Droid Spawns at GCW Static Bases with Higher Leveled AT-ST and AT-XTs, respectively
    * Treasure Map Loot no longer drops Holocrons