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Squad Leader

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  • Squad Leader

    Profession Overview

    Squad Leader is a profession that focuses on leadership and tactical abilities. A Squad Leader is responsible for coordinating and leading a group of fellow players in combat situations.

    Following skills are required to learn Novice Squad Leader skill:
    • Scout: Survival IV
    • Sharpshooter: Ranged Support IV
    1. Squad Leader abilities cannot be used without a group.
      You have to be a group leader and grouped with a character that isn't from the same account.
    2. Group members have to be within 128m range of a Squad Leader to be affected by the abilities.
    3. If at least 1 member of the group isn't in 128m range, then you won't be able to use SL abilities.

    Abilities and Skill Mods


    One of the key features of the Squad Leader profession is the ability to provide buffs that benefit the whole group.
    These abilities can enhance various aspects of gameplay, such as increasing damage output, improving defensive capabilities, or providing support skills.

    See Squad Leader Abilities for up to date details on abilities.


    • Group System Message(/sysGroup) - this command sends a system message to your group members, so that they see it immediately and in the center of their screen.

    Offensive Abilities:

    • Called Shot - allows to call out a specific target. Next attack to that target from Squad Leaders group will have a significant increase to accuracy and damage. Called Shot Bonus skill mod increases the accuracy and damage of this ability.
    • Paint Target - increases the damage done to the targeted enemy for a short period of time by 10%.

    Defensive Abilities:

    • Rally Point - creates a new waypoint that is shared by all group members. Great for gathering group members together and organizing them. If you are near Rally Point, you will gain 5% damage reduction and 5% chance to dodge incoming attacks.

    Single Target Buffs:

    • High Yield - increases the damage output for a single group member by 25%, lasts for 10 minutes.
    • Toughen - increases armor of a single player by 2500. Might prove useful when you need to reduce the incoming damage for the tank in your group.
    • Verbal Assault - increases the amount of agression generated by an enemy for a single group member. Lasts for 10 minutes, modifies aggro generation by 100%. Bugged at the moment and applies to Squad Leader only.
    • Combat Feint - decreases the amount of agression generated by an enemy for a single group member. Lasts for 10 minutes, modifies aggro generation by -50%. Bugged at the moment and applies to Squad Leader only.

    Aura Buffs:

    • Offensive Aura Buffs
      • Volley Fire - reduces the effectiveness of opponents armor by 15% allowing your group to quickly cut through groups of difficult enemies. Lasts for 30 minutes.
      • Steady Aim - improves ranged and melee accuracy by 200 points, it lasts for 30 minutes. It is useful for fighting groups of weak enemies.
      • Double Time - reduces the cooldown of actions performed by your group, lasts for 30 minutes. Useful in spin groups, or in situations where you need to spam your abilities.
      • Blaze of Glory - increases the critical hit chance for the whole group by 20%, lasts for 30 minutes.
    • Defensive Aura Buffs
      • Tactics - this defensive ability enhances ranged and melee defense by 150 points, it lasts for 30 minutes. Reduces group members chance of being hit.
      • Call to Arms - modifies innate armor of the group by 1000 points, lasts for 30 minutes. Let's say your Kinetic resistance is 3000, with this ability it will increase up to 4000. Call to Arms provides reduction of the incoming damage.
      • Boost Morale - increases Action and Mind regeneration by 30% and lasts for 30 minutes.
      • Second Chance - mitigates incoming damage across all group members, it lasts for 60 seconds. If you are being attacked by a powerful entity, you can use this ability to spread the damage across the group.
    • Mobility Aura Buffs
      • Form Up - modifies movement speed and terrain negotiation by 50 points, lasts for 30 minutes. Terrain negotiation affects your ability to move in rough terrain. From 0 to 50, this skill increases the player's ability to move up slopes quickly.
      • Charge - increases group movement speed and grants immunity from roots and snares(lasts for 30 seconds), faster than Form Up. However, upon using this ability, group leader will receive debuff called "Leader's Downfall" which decreases their defense by -200 points and lasts for 3 minutes.
      • Retreat - allows to quickly get away from critical situation(same speed as Charge), however it won't allow your group to perform any combat actions. Lasts for 90 seconds, modifies Action and Mind regeneration by -100%.

    Skill Mods

    • Leadership - increases strength of Squad Leader abilities. Not working as of 1.0.
    • Called Shot Bonus - improves accuracy and damage bonus given by Called Shot ability.
    • Group Burst Run Efficiency - direct percentage decrease to the cost of using /burstrun command for all members of your group.
    • Mobility Duration - increases the duration of some of the Squad Leader mobility enhancements(pretty sure it increases Form Up duration, since other 2 are lasting for 90 seconds).
    • Additionally provides a variety of Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, General Ranged Accuracy, General Ranged Speed, and Assault Armor mitigation.

    Squad Leader Builds

    The Squad Leader profession is intended to be used with ranged weapons.
    Below is the list of common Squad Leader builds:
    • Master Squad Leader/Master Combat Medic/4xxx Carbineer
    • Master Squad Leader/Master Carbineer/Combat Medic 4xxx
    • Master Squad Leader/44x4 Pistoleer /Combat Medic 44xx
    • Master Squad Leader/Master Bounty Hunter/Combat Medic 4xxx
    • Master Squad Leader/44xx Combat Medic/44xx Doctor
    • 4314 Squad Leader/Master Doctor/4xxx Combat Medic
    • 4314 Squad Leader/Master Combat Medic/4xxx Doctor
    • 4314 Squad Leader/Master Commando/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Squad Leader/4xxx Rifleman/x3x4 Pistoleer/4xxx Combat Medic
    There are more combinations that are possible with Squad Leader profession, be sure to utilize Skill Calculator to come up with your own builds.



    Squad Leaders can wear Assault Armor.
    Assault armor provides with greater kinetic protection, but has less energy resitance. It can be enhanced with Peko-Peko feathers and Interwoven Segments for additional health bonus.
    Check out Armorsmith page to learn more about Armor.