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    Profession Overview

    Smuggler is a profession that focuses ondirty fighting, illicit goods, gear modification, and smuggling. Smuggler creates the unique buff item spice. They are additionally able to slice terminals, for increased payouts, and weapons/armor, for various buffs.

    Following skills are required to learn Novice Smuggler skill:
    • Brawler: Unarmed IV
    • Sharpshooter: Pistols IV
    1. Smuggler contains fewer combat abilities than most combat professions; and some of these are locked to pistols, Reckless Shot and Last Ditch, while Low Blow can only be used with a melee weapon.

    Abilities and Skill Mods


    See Smuggler Abilities for up to date details on abilities.


    • Overwhelming Shot - Low damage, reduces state resistance and healing received.
    • Concussion Shot - No damage, Root and Mesmerize, Does not miss and ignores defense.
    • Panic Shot - Low damage, AoE Blind and Daze.
    • Restraining Shot - Low damage, inflicts a snare.
    • Low Blow - Low damage, reduces opponent combat speed.

    Offensive Abilities:

    • Reckless Shot - High damage, low accuracy, inflicts defense penalty to user.
    • Last Ditch - High damage, very high accuracy, long cooldown.

    Defensive Abilities:

    • Feign Death - Upon being hit, enter a fake incapacitated state.

    Skill Mods

    • Spice Assembly - Unused, spice are static crafts.
    • Spice Experimentation - Unused, spice are static crafts.
    • Language Comprehension - Allows the Smuggler to understand all languages.
    • Critical Strike Damage Increase - Increases the % damage increase of critical hits(base is 50%).
    • Slicing: Armor - Corresponds to a access to a wider variety of armor slices.
    • Slicing: Weapon - Corresponds to access to a wider variety of weapon slices.
    • Feign Death - Improves chance of Feign Death ability working.
    • Pistol Accuracy While Moving - Provides bonus pistol accuracy while moving.
    • Unarmed Accuracy While Moving - Provides bonus unarmed accuracy while moving.
    • Additionally provides a variety of Ranged Defense, Melee Defense, General Ranged Accuracy, General Ranged Speed, Unarmed Accuracy, Unarmed Speed, and Recon Armor mitigations.

    Smuggler Builds

    The Smuggler profession is intended to be used with ranged weapons. Even though it includes unarmed modifiers, melee smuggler builds are not viable at this time.
    Below is the list of common Smuggler builds:
    • Master Smuggler/Master Pistoleer/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Smuggler/43x4 Pistoleer/4xxx Commando/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Smuggler/Master Commando/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Smuggler/Master Combat Medic/x4xx Pistoleer
    • Master Smuggler/444x Carbineer/4xxx Combat Medic
    There are more combinations that are possible with Smuggler profession, be sure to utilize Skill Calculator to come up with your own builds.



    Smugglers can wear Recon Armor.
    Recon Armor provides greater energy protection, but has less kinetic resitance. It can be enhanced with Peko-Peko feathers and Interwoven Segments for additional health bonus.
    Check out Armorsmith page to learn more about Armor.


    Quick reference card.
    Slice Ref


    Smugglers can craft spice with any resources, quality does not matter and there is no experimentation. See spice page for details about each spice type, but only Neutron Pixie, Booster Blue, and Muon Gold are currently used.

    What's Next?

    Becoming a Master Smuggler does not mean that your journey is over, and in fact, opens up new gameplay opportunities to advance your character and carve out an even greater name for yourself amongst the denizens of the galaxy. Following your mastery of the Smuggler profession, the Underworld Smuggling Missions will become available, allowing you to gain a reputation with the Underworld, additional stat bonuses, and further rewards by running contraband across planets and through space.

    You can also set up shop as a spice crafter, churning out the finest, purest substances for the galactic markets, or personal use if that suits you. If crafting itself is not your favorite task, you can easily establish yourself as a slicer-for-hire, with individual players, as well as established armor- and weaponsmiths, paying to squeeze just a little more power out of their goods. You may be able to establish a long-term income base by working out an agreement with a crafter to pre-slice their goods in batches prior to sale.

    It is also recommended to begin working on the various Contraband collections such as Counterfeit Credits and False Information. Finishing all 5 collections will grant the schematic for the DD6 Pistol, a powerful Smuggler-only weapon.

    -Talion Darksky, Master Smuggler (Polarias)