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Bounty Hunter

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  • Bounty Hunter

    Profession Overview

    Bounty Hunter is a profession that focuses on inflicing debuffs, ranged weapon versatility, and bounty hunting. Bounty Hunter gain access to the unique bounty hunting system, allowing the hunting of NPCs and Players for money.

    Following skills are required to learn Novice Bounty Hunter skill:
    • Scout: Exploration IV
    • Sharpshooter: Ranged Support IV
    Unlike most other ranged professions, all Bounty Hunter abilities can be used with any ranged weapon.

    Abilities and Skill Mods


    See Bounty Hunter Abilities for up to date details on abilities.


    • Underhand Shot - Low damage, good chance to inflict knockdown.
    • Confusion Shot - Low damage, high chance to inflict Stun, additionally inflict Dizzy with the Improved version.
    • Eye Shot - Average damage, high chance to inflict Blind.

    Offensive Abilities:

    • Critical Shot - High damage shot with increased critical hit chance.
    • Spray Shot - Moderate damage cone AoE.
    • Torso Shot - Moderate damage, good chance to inflict a moderate strength Bleed DoT.

    Defensive Abilities:

    • Duelist Stance - Increases defense by and provides % reduction to melee damage received.

    Skill Mods

    • Droid Speed - Decreases the time it takes a droid to report back on a bounty target when using 'Find'.
    • Droid Precision - Reduces the chance of droids being lost to mishaps when using 'Find'.
    • Bounty Mission Difficulty - Corresponds to access to more difficult bounty missions(Player and Extremely Dangerous require MBH).
    • Tracking Droids - Increases the number of tracking droids that can be deployed simultaneously.
    • Tracking Droids Effectiveness - Reduces the chance of droids being lost to mishaps when using 'Track'.
    • Droid Tracking Speed - Decreases the time interval between tracking updates when using 'Track'.
    • Additionally provides a variety of Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, General Ranged Accuracy, General Ranged Speed, and Assault Armor mitigations.

    Bounty Hunter Builds

    The Bounty Hunter profession is intended to be used with ranged weapons.
    Below is the list of common Bounty Hunter builds:
    • Master Bounty Hunter/Master Carbineer/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Bounty Hunter/Master Combat Medic/4xxx Rifleman
    • Master Bounty Hunter/x444 Pistoleer/44xx Combat Medic
    • Master Bounty Hunter/444x Rifleman/4xxx Doctor
    • Master Bounty Hunter/Master Squad Leader/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Bounty Hunter/Master Creature Handler/4xxx Combat Medic
    There are more combinations that are possible with Bounty Hunterprofession, be sure to utilize Skill Calculator to come up with your own builds.



    Bounty Hunters can wear Assault Armor.
    Assault armor provides with greater kinetic protection, but has less energy resitance. It can be enhanced with Peko-Peko feathers and Interwoven Segments for additional health bonus.
    Check out Armorsmith page to learn more about Armor.

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