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  • Commando

    Profession Overview

    Commando is a profession that focuses on big guns, big areas of effect, and big damage. Commando also gains access to the unique grenade consumables, which provide a wide variety of debuffs useful in any situation.

    Following skills are required to learn Novice Commando skill:
    • Brawler: Unarmed IV
    • Sharpshooter: Ranged Support IV
    1. Unlike most ranged abilities, that can be used with any ranged weapon, Commando abilities can only be used with the appropriate heavy weapon.

    Abilities and Skill Mods


    See Commando Abilities for up to details on abilities.


    • Riddle Armor - Stacking armor reduction.
    • It Burns! - Stacking DoT based on weapon type.
    • Burn Down! - AoE version of It Burns!

    Offensive Abilities:

    • Focus Fire - Moderate damage, long narrow AoE.
    • Deadbang Shot - High damage, short wide AoE.
    • Overkill Shot - Very high damage charge-up shot.
    • Demolition Shot - Moderate damage, single target attack, deals increased damage to droids, structures, and vehicles

    Defensive Abilities:

    • Stand Fast - Provides 30% damage reduction, but roots the user in place.

    Skill Mods

    • Thrown Weapon Accuracy - Unused, thrown weapons are currently 100% accurate.
    • Thrown Weapon Speed - Improves attack speed with thrown weapons by 0.5 per 100 points.
    • Heavy Weapon Accuracy - Improves accuracy with heavy weapons.
    • Heavy Weapon Speed - Improves attack speed with heavy weapons by 0.3 per 100 points.
    • Heavy Weapon Defense - Improves melee and ranged defense while using a heavy weapon.
    • Damage Decrease % - Improves the damage reduction of Stand Fast(base 30%).
    • Additionally provides a variety of Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, General Melee Accuracy, General Ranged Accuracy, and Assault Armor mitigations.


    • Glob Grenade - AoE, low damage, blind.
    • Thermal Detonator - High damage, fire DoT.
    • Proton Grenade - Moderate damage, bleed DoT.
    • Cryoban Grenade - AoE, low damage, strong snare.
    • C22 - Moderate damage, bonus wounds.

    Commando Builds

    The Commando profession is intended to be used with Heavy Weapons.
    Below is the list of common Commando builds:
    • Master Commando/Master Carbineer/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Commando/Master Pistoleer/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Commando/Master Combat Medic/x4xx Teras Kasi Artist
    • Master Commando/x4x4 Pistoleer/x3xx Smuggler/44xx Combat Medic
    • Master Commando/444x Bounty Hunter/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Commando/Master Smuggler/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Commando/4314 Squad Leader/4xxx Combat Medic
    • Master Commando/x4x4 Pistoleer/x3xx Teras Kasi Artist/4xxx Combat Medic
    There are more combinations that are possible with Commando profession, be sure to utilize Skill Calculator to come up with your own builds.



    Commandos can wear Assault Armor.
    Assault armor provides with greater kinetic protection, but has less energy resitance. It can be enhanced with Peko-Peko feathers and Interwoven Segments for additional health bonus.
    Check out Armorsmith page to learn more about Armor.


    Commandos have a small, but unique, selection of Heavy Weapons available.
    Weapon FamilyWeapon Name(s)Weapon ProcWeapon Special Behavior
    AcidAcid Stream Launcher, Devastator Acid Launcher, Heavy Acid BeamBlind-
    LightningCorellian Destroyer, Lightning Beam CannonEnergy DoT + Vehicle Slow-
    BeamHeavy Particle Beam CannonBleed DoT-
    ExplosiveThe Void, Rocket Launcher, Launcher PistolKnockdown-
    IncendiaryFlame Thrower, Heavy Republic Flamer, Plasma Flamethrower, CC-V 'Legion' Cryo ProjectorFire DoTThese weapons inherently inflict AoE damage in a 'splash' radius around the target.
    -Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle, C-M Frag Storm Heavy ShotgunBleed DoT
    -Pulse CannonFire DoT
    -CR-1 Blast Cannon, Reaper CannonWounds-
    -Lava CannonFire DoT-

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