Locations | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration



As the starting planet for all new players on Restoration III, the mountainous deserts of Tatooine house deadly foes. Famous for its massive Krayt dragons and their lucrative pearls, adventurers will face many quests and activities to complete. Beware, the Pit of Carkoon and Jabba's Palace aren't for the faint of heart.


Known for it's royal capital of Theed, the evergreen planet of Naboo also boasts the beautiful waterfalls of Dee'ja Peak, and the secluded Beaches of Kaadara. Royal Security Forces frequently employ pilot-adventurers, and it is rumoured that the Emperor himself keeps a hidden Retreat somewhere north of Moenia...


A fiercely independent Core World, Corellia enjoys the largest cities and most hyperspace routes of any planet. Skyscrapers give way to lush fields and thick forests, perfect hiding places for Nyax terrorists and Rebellion sympathizers. New pilots who wish to remain neutral in the Galactic Civil war may seek the lucrative training of CorSec Squadron.


Controlled by the famous Feeorin pirate-smuggler Nym, Lok’s lifeless deserts are scoured by sulfur rivers and an enormous active volcano in the south. Fortune favours the brave however, as Nym is always looking for candidates to partake in less-than-legal activities.


A sparsely populated moon of Naboo, Rori remains unexplored and shrouded in mystery. The Discovery of a secret Imperial energy program threatens to destroy that serenity. Already a buildup of Rebel and Imperial forces have begun outside the city of Restuss. What comes next may tip the scales of the Galactic Civil War forever.


Found in the Corellia system orbiting its sister planet Tralus, Talus is a home to fugitives. The foothills of its large mountains host the habitats of the mighty Torturs, one of the most visually impressive creatures in the galaxy.


Home of the native Dantari, Dantooine’s purple fields are commonly the meeting ground of hunting parties looking to find dangerous animals. An abandoned Rebel base, and odd sightings of Dark Jedi have been known to grace the tales of many over a stiff drink at one of the many outposts on the planet.


With sunlight barely breaching its cloudy red sky, Dathomir remains isolated by light as well as travelers. An Imperial prison is a highlight of this dangerous planet, with terrifying Rancors and brutal Nightsisters roaming its jagged countryside. Only the most experienced adventurers land on Dathomir, and only the smartest survive.


Completely covered in dense forest, Endor’s jungle is bright and green. Home of the primitive Ewoks, adventurers will find much to explore and tough creatures to hunt. Smugglers routinely visit the mostly uninhabited planet, and word on the street is that Black Sun hosts a permanent criminal presence here.

Yavin 4

Yavin 4’s enormous jungles are home to ancient striking pyramids. Once occupied by the Rebellion, but abandoned after the battle of Yavin, a now sizable Imperial force remains. A secret Geonosian lab has since been overrun by its monstrous test subjects, with many rare items lying within… but only few strong enough to enter.


Once the sole home of the Wookiees, Kashyyyk now hosts an array of interspecies conflict. Split into multiple zones with their own agendas, adventurers will find themselves embroiled in grand quests that will test their equipment, allegiance, and skill.


This fiery planet is dominated by massive volcanoes with difficult to navigate terrain. Only accessed via Corellia or Talus, Mustafar still remains an important planet for miners and adventurers, with many terrifying foes lurking within its dangerous lava fields.